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frequently asked questions:

You say you’re focussed on on digital but your portfolio contains a lot of print too. Why is that?
Fair point! First of all I’m a visual designer, so I didn’t lie. At least not for the first part :) I want to focus on digital because we live in a digital era. It’s interessting, new and exciting. I know my way around print but my ❤️ is with digital. 

How do I contact you?
Quick answer? Very easily! Just smash this bee 🐝

Where’s Pumbaa?
Really? To tell you the truth we lost track of each other when we switched careers...

Why is your website in english when you’re dutch?
I liked the way english sounds in my head while I made it. But the main reason is that the reach of my website is slightly bigger putting it in english. My mother tongue is Dutch but I also speak spanish, a little Korean and Frysian (bonus)

Can we hire you?
Are you guys a lot of fun?

Yes    -     No   

What is your favorite animal?
Dancing bird look it up on youtube

What music you do you like?
Here is a list that might help you

Are you a narsistic milenial?
According to my age; yes. However I want to be a wise and humble person.  Teach me master!

Wanna know more? ask me anything!