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Hi, I’m Timon. A visual designer that wants to make things. Digital things. Like websites, interactive installations, apps or other experiences for brands. I want to visually manifest creative ideas preferably with a professional team who is making magic. I’m eager to learn, innovate and experiment.

Positions 💪🏻

Freelance Designer at
RTRN, VIEMR and Kr8werk

RTRN - Groningen
Visual/Concept Designer 

Startup Weekend - Groningen
Event Organizer

NATWERK - Amsterdam
Creative (intern)

Education 🤓

2017 - Leeuwarden
NHL/stenden hogeschool
BA Communication & Multimedia Design

2015 - Guadalajara (study abroad)
ITESO Instituto Tecnológico
BA Media technology

2013 - Seoul (study abroad)
이화여자대학교 Ewha w. University 
BA visual arts

2011 - Drachten
ROC Friesepoort
MBO 4 Mediavormgever 

2010 - Manchester (study abroad)
Liverpool John Moores University
BA Fine arts 

💭 frequently asked questions:

You say you’re focussed on on digital but your portfolio contains a lot of print too. Why is that?
Fair point! First of all I’m a visual designer, so I didn’t lie. At least not for the first part :) I want to focus on digital because we live in a digital era. It’s interessting, new and exciting. I know my way around print but my ❤️ is with digital.

How do I contact you?
Quick answer? Very easily! Just smash this bee 🐝

Where’s Pumbaa?
Really? To tell you the truth we lost track of each other when we switched careers...

Why is your website in english when you’re dutch?
I liked the way english sounds in my head while I made it. But the main reason is that the reach of my website is slightly bigger putting it in english. My mother tongue is Dutch but I also speak spanish, a little Korean and Frysian (bonus)

Can we hire you?
Are you guys a lot of fun?

Yes    -     No  

What is your favorite animal?
Dancing bird look it up on youtube

What music you do you like?
Here is a list that might help you

Are you a narcissistic millennial?
According to my age; yes. However I want to be a wise and humble person.  Teach me master!

So you studied in Korea? What is you’re favorite korean food?
Bulgogi (불고기) hands down!

And how about mexican food?
Guaca and mole

Are you homeless?
Yes I have holes in my sweather. But all is fine.

How much do I pay you?
I charge 165,27825 guldens per hour.

Where are the awards?
According to TIME magazine I’m person of the year 2006.

How do you drink your coffee?
Strong and black, no sugar. 

Wanna know more? ask me anything!

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