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NERF Battle Royale

This Is How We play! A campaign for NERF that speaks to the audience using their online heros. For this campaign I created a keyvisual that was used throughout the campaign.

Client:        Hasbro - NERF
Agency:      Dept
Role:           Key visual campaign
Awards:      Four Spin Award nomination
Tools:          Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects

The main intention was to create a world of chaos and distortion, yet still visually coherent. Turning the ‘real’ and digital world togehter.

The objective was simple: How to get NERF toys on kids’ wish list. We learned what moves 6 to 14 y/o. and with the campaign we talked with the audience instead of at them.

To do so we worked with their online heros. We’ve connected their favorite thing to do to NERF what resulted in an online game in real life. We selected 4 influencers that asked their followers to join them on a battle royale. The 4 infuencers battled together. This battle was used to make vlogs. Each influencer had their own team.


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87 online assets
26% increase in turnover
1 San Award nomination
4  Spin Award nominations