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NERF Battle Royale

This Is How We play! A campaign for NERF speaking to the audience using their online heroes. I created a key visual which has been used throughout the whole campaign.  

Client:        Hasbro - NERF
Agency:      Dept
Role:           Key visual campaign
Awards:      Bronzen Effie 2020 πŸ₯‰
Tools:          Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects

The main intention was to create a world of chaos and distortion but still visually coherent. By capturing pieces of both real and virtual worlds, it created a whole new digital world to play into.

The objective was simple: how to make sure kids will add NERF toys on their Wishlist? We look into the preferences of 6 to 14 y/o kids nowadays and used it to talk with them instead of only talking to them.


To do so, we worked together with their online heroes. Since online gaming is what attracts now the new generation, we combined it with NERF guns to create an online game in real life. We selected 4 influencers who asked their followers to join their real-life battle royale. Once each of them selected their own team, the battle started with the kids competing against each other with the NERF guns. Vlogs were posted thereafter to spread the word around other kids and make it viral.  


β€œThe design Timon created for this campaign worked magically in all the assets and brought them together.” 

Simon van Gorkum, Senior creative at Dept


87 online assets
San Award nomination
Bronzen Effie 2020 Award
Spin Award  nomination


Creative Director: Michael Maaskamp
Senior Creative: Simon van Gorkum
Social Creative: Bruce de Kok
Strategy: Valentijn Spek
Design: Timon Weerstand

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