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bol.com Instant Experiences

Giving bol.com and it’s retailers an online space where they can showcase their products. A digital experience that shows shows the most beautiful aspects of a product.

Client:        bol.com
Agency:      Dept
Role:            Digital design
Tools:          Figma

Instant experiences are mini websites without leaving the social media platform. We used this space to highlight products on bol.com and layout their USP’s.

Product images and a visual language that overlaps makes it interessting to explore and find out what is all about.


“Timon and I have worked closely together on creating awesome full screen Facebook ads for our clients. Over the past year we have worked closely together, with tight deadlines and creative challenges. If you ask me, Timon stands for reliability and a good working ethos. He combines creativity with flexibility in an professional way. Pleasure to work with!”

Bas Boswinkel, Project Manager Retail Media at bol.com

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