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HEMA Identity design

HEMA’s mission is: a better everyday life in a more beautiful world. At HEMA, therefore, everything is made with love, with a focus on practicality, beauty and design. Products that last longer. Products that are unique thanks to their recognisable ‘Dutch Design’ signature. All this while remaining affordable to everyone.

Client:        HEMA
Agency:      Total Design
Role:           Brand Idenity and Digital design
Tools:          Adobe suite and Figma

With the new strategic direction that HEMA took since the end of 2021, their products deserve to get a stage. HEMA decided to diversify their product range but at the same time have less products.

The unique HEMA products center stage and the special product features are highlighted using a colored shape.

The well known red HEMA logo forms the basis of the visual identity. However, this red colour is used sparingly; only the logo and the promos are red, all other elements take advantage of a bold and colourful palette.

In the digital realm the visual identity uses the same principles.

Using white spaces as a base and adding color to give products the stage they deserve.



Name, at Name


Creative Director: Edwin van Praet
Designers: Adam Lane, Timon Weerstand, Rogier Bisschop
Digital Design: Timon Weerstand
Motion Designer: Kassahun Villa

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